General Conditions

All these detailed general conditions of sale regulate the contractual relationships between any customer and MANF Racing.

MANF Racing may promptly modify certain provisions of its general conditions.

It is considered that by validating an order, the customer is easily accepting our general terms and conditions of sale.

Any clause accompanying a customer's order or any other document (such as the customer's general conditions of purchase), which is in opposition to these general conditions, will not be accepted by MANF Racing.

The site is the property of MANF RACING - PERFORMANCE AUTOMOVEL PARTS AND ACCESSORS UNIPESSOAL LDA. , based in Avelãs de Caminho, legal person no. 516 394 576.


MANF Racing offers different modes for order formalization:

    • Via email through the;

    • By telephone, through the contact 234 737 299, being mandatory by the customer to provide an email to send him the order note for validation of the same and in order to safeguard possible errors;

    • Through our website -;

    • In person at our facilities within their opening hours.

All orders are stored within a maximum of 3 working days. After this deadline a contact is made with the client to be decided state of the same. In the impossibility of contact it is given as canceled.

MANF Racing reserves the right to limit the quantity of purchase of any product/reference by each customer.


The prices of the products presented for sale in national territory by MANF Racing are those posted on the website, are billed in euros and include VAT at the legal rate valid on the date of registration of the order. Prices are valid unless typographical error or error on the site.

MANF Racing may change the price or cancel the order without notice.

Prices displayed on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other social networks or advertising brochures are merely informative and the valid prices are presented on the website

All bids provided by MANF Racing are valid at the price level within a maximum of 8 days.


The payment options provided by MANF Racing are:

On the online platform through ATM reference.


-> Cash (in Store);

-> ATM ;

-> Paypal


When receiving the volume, the customer should verify that the volume(s) received is in good condition and properly sealed.

If an anomaly is detected, such as damaged volume, evidence of mistreatment or violation of the wrapper, you must claim in writing on the transport guide at the time of receipt and participate in MANF Racing's occurrence for its purposes, via e-mail to

For all orders placed online, the customer bears the shipping costs.

For orders placed online, with a value of more than 100€, paid by ATM reference, MANF Racing supports shipping costs, except for islands and international shipments.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary depending on the availability of stock at the time of order. If there is no stock in store the order may take between 4 to 5 business days to be available. In the impossibility of satisfying it an email is sent to the customer to inform of the stock shortage and suggested an alternative, if any.


If the product(s) received(s) is not in accordance with the Invoice, the customer must alert MANF Racing at that time or within a maximum of 15 (Fifteen) days from receipt of the product and sent by carrier to the customer, accompanied by a copy of the Invoice, which must be sent in conjunction with the respective complaint.

Any claim relating to the product(s) must be accompanied by a copy of the order invoice. The illegibility or ambiguity that does not allow the customer to use the product(s), goods or service(s) properly and that the product(s) is in its original state (in perfect condition and complete, i.e., packaging, manuals, cables, accessories, etc.), defect and, if it is necessary to prove this defect, you should send the product with its original casing with the references useful for identification.

After the period of fifteen (15) days on the delivery of the product(s), any claim will be subject to prior consideration by MANF Racing, which may or may not be accepted, depending on the decision of the Technical Department.

No claim shall be accepted if the above conditions are not scrupulously complied with.


Products sold may only be returned after a preliminary written agreement by MANF Racing.

There is no article in Portuguese Law that contemplates the return of items purchased directly in the physical store, unless the right to information is broken. For example: If the seller in the store says that a product has feature A and buys the product based on that information, and upon arriving home confirms that it does not have that feature, the right of information has been broken. The customer can then return the product.

All products ordered through the Website, Email or in the store, which are not listed on the website (i.e. that have been specifically ordered on request), are not possible to return.

All products returned to MANF Racing must be in perfect condition and carefully packed in their original volumes/packaging, without any modification of their references and serial numbers.

The respective labels must be intact, allowing them to be resold.

Dispute Resolution (Online Sales):

As provided in Article 6 of Decree-Law No. 143/2001 and DL 82/2008, the customer has a legal period of 14 days for returning a product purchased online and sent by carrier.

Please note that it only applies to sales sent by carrier.

MANF Racing will only accept the contract resolution if the product is returned intact, without damaged packaging or any other damage.

To use the right of free solution, the customer may contact MANF Racing Support via

After confirmation of the return by MANF Racing to the customer, you must send the product(s) to: MANF Racing, Largo da Igreja Nº2729 EN1, 3780-351 Avelas de Caminho.

After confirmation by MANF Racing of the state of the product(s), a credit note will be issued for the full value of the product, and if you wish to return the amount in question you must send your IBAN.

If the customer chooses a refund, it will be made by bank transfer.


All items purchased from MANF Racing either online or in our establishment are covered by the legal guarantee scheme. Before purchasing a good, keep in mind the following points described on this page:

All products marketed by MANF Racing are not manufactured by MANF Racing. At the time of sale, MANF Racing issues its invoice to the customer, a document that must be duly preserved to guarantee the property purchased.

In addition to the 3-year warranty, some specific products have an extra warranty period. This warranty shall be claimed directly from the manufacturer, accompanied by the purchase invoice.

All products purchased less than 15 (fifteen) days, defective or with malfunction will be designated as DOAs. (Dead on Arrival), DOAs are checked for fault confirmation as soon as delivered to MANF Racing facilities. After confirmation of the malfunction, MANF Racing, and being impossible to repair within 5 (five) days, will proceed to the replacement unless stock is unavailable. In the event of a stock unavailability, MANF Racing will inform the customer of the same product delivery time or exchange for another similar product.

In cases of RMA, MANF Racing undertakes to do its best to make its product changed or repaired as soon as possible, while keeping in mind that the process does not depend solely on the seller (MANF Racing). All products that enter our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes the responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers.

In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for a product equivalent to or higher than that currently on sale, however, this exchange is solely the responsibility of the supplier/manufacturer. A credit note may also be made so that the customer can later purchase another item in our store(s); This same credit note will always be valid for 6 months.

The solution for the customer, legally will have to be presented in 30 (Thirty) days.

RMA orders are placed in the Customer's reserved area. Failure to comply with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product with expenses supported by the customer.

Please note that any changes to the source product VOID THE WARRANTY. For example: removal of stickers with serial number or other type of label related to the warranty.

In all these cases the RMA is immediately REFUSED;

Regardless of whether the equipment is guaranteed or not, where it is received for repair and no malfunction is found, or if it was caused by misuse, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs.

The period for the collection of equipment for repair is 30 days after registration of a document, otherwise the material is considered abandoned in accordance with Art. 1267/1a of the Civil Code, so MANF Racing is no longer responsible for the integrity of the equipment. From the moment it considers abandoned, the holder is obliged to pay the title of penal clause the amount of 2.5 Euro for each day of delay in the withdrawal. Three years after the date of the document and, under Article 1299 of the Civil Code, the material will become the property of MANF Racing. In the event of debt, MANF Racing shall have the right to retain all material on its premises until it is fully liquidated.